I have been working as a personal trainer for many years and I have to be honest, it’s not just about numbers for me.  Yes I am thrilled when my clients follow my plans and the pounds are dropping off them; I am overjoyed when clients are losing inches when other diets didn’t work.  But what really makes me happy, truly happy is when I see client’s lives transform and they embrace a healthy lifestyle; when clients tell me they are performing better at work because they are more confident and have so much more energy. PERSONAL TRAINER IN CARDIFF


I don’t see my job as training clients for years on end.  No!  I want to give clients the skills and knowledge to take control of their lives, to take control of their weight issues and to become healthy.  But ultimately YOU are the one who has to do the hard work, YOU have to want to do this and you have to want to COMMIT to this.  If you can list reasons why you can’t train or give excuses why you can’t prepare healthy meals then you are not ready for this.  However, if you show me you are willing to put the effort in, to follow my plans and to be honest with me (and honest with yourself) then I will support you 100%.  I won’t sugar-coat this, it is hard work and there will be times when work and family life and 50 other things will get in the way, but determination is the name of the game.  How badly do you want to be fit?  How badly do you want those abs?  How badly do you want look great in a bikini?  Are you willing to sacrifice a chance of a healthy life for the easy option of fast food and that comfy settee?  It is your life, your choice.  Sign up for a challenge and see how much you can achieve.  Once you have signed up you will be able to chat with other clients and share experiences and support eachother, while also getting helpful hints and tips from me along the way.  I am not here to convince you because the testimonials and “Before and After” photos speak for themselves. PERSONAL TRAINERS IN CARDIFF


YOU have seen the results I get with my clients, YOU have decided to take control of your life, get healthy and fit, NOW it’s time to decide which challenge is right for you.